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MLS Laser Testimonial – Low Back Pain

This patient has:

-Been to Mayo Clinic and received a shot in the side which didn’t do anything.

-Been to two back surgeons in Holdrege and Kearney

-Been to Lincoln to a spine pain specialist and had 5 shots in his back. He received minimal relief with the first shot, but the others did not help.

-Been to a Kearney pain doctor and received a shot with no improvement.

-Been to a pain doctor in Holdrege that put at least 8 shots in his back with no relief.

After about 2 to 3 treatments here at PVS his pain went away. MLS Laser, acupuncture, seeing Dr. Sole helped a lot. He has never felt this much pain relief before. Really likes the acupuncture. He didn’t know where to turn and felt like he was at the end of his rope. Then Dr. Sole told him about this laser. He would say he is 90% better than he was before he came here.

When asked about his improvement he said, “It’s a miracle!” -Dale S.