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Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far Infrared Sauna is the use of infrared heat to promote detoxification of toxins from the body via sweat. Benefits of Far Infrared include:

Detoxification*, Improved Immune Health, Improved Cardiovascular Conditioning, Stress Relief, Weight & Cellulite Control, Inury Recovery & Pain Relief.


Far Infrared Sauna is recommended for the following:

Systemic Pain & General Discomfort

Combating Toxic Overload

Muscle Pain

Heavy Metal Poisoning (Including Mercury)

Brain Fog

Persistent Sadness/Loss of Interest in Life

Pain Relief

Stress Management

Weight Control & Cellulite Removal

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities



*Signs you need to Detox:

Digestive Problems, Night Sweats, Cold Hands & Feet, Dark Circles under the Eyes, Tremors, Fatigue, Inability to Lose or Gain Weight, Rashes, Candida, Headaches, Muscle & Joint Pain, Nervousness/Feelings of Instability, Allergies, Brain Fog/Poor Concentration & Low Body Temperature.


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