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At our office we pride ourselves on providing accurate scientific information to our patients so they can make informed health care decisions. Lab testing provides the foundation to develop individualized treatment plans that will treat the root cause of disease not the symptoms. Before we perform any test the options that are pertinent to the your health are fully explained so that you will know your choices and which test will give you the best information. We have the ability to draw blood in office and send it to labs for standard blood panels to be ran. We also partner with a number of different labs to do specialized testing such as stool analysis. We carry their kits in our office which you can take home to perform the collection and then bring back.

After a lab is performed an in depth consultation is held where the lab results are thoroughly explained. Our goal is that our patients will fully understand what their results mean and how they relate to their symptoms. We want our patients to be able to explain their tests to their family! Based upon the lab results several treatment plan options will be developed and the plan that is best suited for each patient’s individual needs will be utilized.