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We are exposed to heavy metals every day. Drinking water can contain high levels of uranium, old pipes can contain lead, dental fillings can contain mercury, etc. Our liver is in charge of pulling heavy metals out of our system and getting rid of them, but it is not an easy job. If an ongoing exposure to a heavy metal is present or if an impaired liver is present it may accumulate faster than the liver can get rid of it. That leads the body to store it as best it can until a future time where excretion is possible.

Since heavy metals are hard to get rid of the body will incorporate it into hair along with the normal minerals and building blocks. Since hair grows an average of 1 to 2 cm a month it can be used to look at the historical exposure to heavy metals and as a gauge to determine what level of build-up there is in the internal system.

At our office we use a test that looks at 17 toxic elements to determine exposure level and 22 essential elements to determine if you are deficient or not. Hair is collected by the patient from the back of the head close to the scalp and sent to the lab to be analyzed. Treatment consists of supplementation to increase deficient essential elements and a heavy metal detox for high levels of the toxic elements. Call our office if you are concerned about your toxic exposure and would like to have your levels checked.